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6 October

A little bit about me? I am a thoughtful considerate man from Leeds. Will that do? No I thought not. Well here is a picture of me.

I was once a mentor in a school. I have also been a lecturer and a cinema manager at one time or another. I am also a trained counsellor. I used to have black hair but now it is blonde. I secretly, well not that secretly actually, yearn to be a writer. I am also into photography (I did it for a living for eight years a long time ago). Though I only recently started doing self portraits of myself this actually sowed a seed and I am now taking photography seriously.

I specialise in music photography, thus adding two passions together. However, I simply take photographs of anything and everything I find interesting. A few examples are below (with lots more in the journal)

I love life. Although nearer fifty than twenty-five I have the spirit and energy of a young man. Listen I am a nice guy, and sometimes nice guys do come first in the rat race we call life. I am here to help, to listen and to learn. I used to be a Learning Mentor and Counsellor, and that is the ethos I carried through my job. If something needs saying you can rely on me to say it. This is not always accepted, and I have lost friends and love because of it. But it’s the way I am.

Nobody is worthy of hate. I dislike lots of things from feet to racism to ageism and indeed most things that have an “ism” attached to it. However, I also believe that people have a right to their view whether they are right or wrong, but will always fight to have my point of view listened to. I am the most non-judgmental person you could wish to meet. I take people for who they are rather than what they are. And I’d like people to do the same with me. Some people say I am crazy in a nice way. I guess I am. I adore making friends and chatting and I always endeavour to make time for my friends either online or in person.


In here you will find my writing. My musings about things in my life, in the news and essentially about me and my work. It is on the whole an open and honest journal with bits of what I like thrown in now and again, the odd music clip or my mum for example. Above all I hope it is entertaining, sometimes thought provoking and sometimes controversial.

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